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The valiant ones

The Valiant Ones book title

Book name: The valiant ones

Price: Rs. 3000

Author: Gurbir Singh and Gagandeep Kaur

ISBN: 978-81-7647-292-0



The journey begins, unraveling the mystique of the enigmatic Sikhs – their principles, traditions and lifestyle. Initiated by the sword, guided by the Guru’s Word, these saint soldiers march to a different drummer.

About the authors:

Gurbir Singh – Gurbir Singh, writer and photographer, lives on two continents, making frequent forays to new locals, forever returning to his native Punjab. These last three years have been spent living with Nihang Singhs, photographing their lifestyle and  researching the Valiant Ones.

Gagandeep Kaur – With her background in fashion, travel and literature, Gagandeep Kaur kept the project efficacious and the writing dynamic. She has collaborated with Gurbir Singh in the past. The Valiant Ones is their recent adventure.

Queen Victoria’s Maharajah Duleep Singh

Book name: Queen Victoria’s Maharajah Duleep Singh

Price: Rs. 795

Author: Michael Alexander & Sushila Anand

ISBN: 978-0753823026

Anandpur Sahib

Book name: Anandpur Sahib

Price: Rs. 2500

Author: Vijay N. Shankar & Harminder Kaur

ISBN: 978-81-89692-02-X


Book name: Iqbal

Price: Rs. 1595

Author: Khurram Ali Shafique


In the master’s presence

In the master’s presence (The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib)

In the master's presence

Price: Rs. 2500

Authors: Nidar Singh Nihang and Paramjit Singh

ISBN: 978-0-9560168-0-5


This superbly illustrated landmark work explains the story of one of the last bastions of early Sikh tradition – an exotic world that has all but disappeared.

Using rare pictures and documents, UK-based scholars Nidar Singh Nihang and Parmjit Singh have explored the history of the Sikhs of ‘Hazoor Sahib’– the shrine in the Deccan, India, far from the traditional Sikh homeland of the Punjab – where in 1708 Guru Gobind Singh, a warrior-poet who spent much of his life battling against the oppressive policies of the Mughal Empire, found his last resting place.

This is the first of a two-volume work examining the history and traditions of the shrine Hazoor Sahib (which means ‘Master’s Presence’), revered as the fourth Sikh takht or throne of temporal and spiritual authority.

The story spans three centuries from the very first modest structure built over the ashes of Guru Gobind Singh to the “insensitive destruction” of its unique built heritage in the name of modernisation and beautification.

The authors have drawn upon a wealth of written materials and oral tradition to evoke a vivid and often startling account of the empires, events and characters, including maharajas, warriors, emperors, nizams, politicians and policemen, which are intertwined with the sense of mystery and reverence that has surrounded the memory of the tenth Sikh Guru.

Published to mark the 300th anniversary of the passing of spiritual authority to the Sikh scriptures, In the Master’s Presence brilliantly brings this all but lost world to life with over 150 illustrations of paintings, photographs, documents, portraits and artefacts from archive and private collections all over the world.


A beautiful production… A precious collector’s item which I will treasure – Khushwant Singh, author of History of the Sikhs.

Fascinating! – William Dalrymple, author of The Last Mughal.

Immensely readable – Susan Stronge (Senior Curator, Victoria & Albert Museum), editor of The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms.

Comprehensive research – The Tribune.

A fabulous achievement… Hazoor Sahib takes us into a lost world of Sikh history. We are in the presence not only of the Master – but of world class scholarship and research. – Christy Campbell, author of The Maharajah’s Box.

A treasure-chest of a book! Combines fascinating and deeply informed text with an abundance of superbly reproduced images… This aesthetically and historically rich volume celebrates an important and under-acknowledged strand of Sikh tradition at a time when it is at risk as never before. – Professor Eleanor Nesbitt (University of Warwick), author of Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction.

[The authors] do remarkable work in cataloguing the history of Deccani Sikhs… – World Sikh News