The valiant ones

The Valiant Ones book title

Book name: The valiant ones

Price: Rs. 3000

Author: Gurbir Singh and Gagandeep Kaur

ISBN: 978-81-7647-292-0



The journey begins, unraveling the mystique of the enigmatic Sikhs – their principles, traditions and lifestyle. Initiated by the sword, guided by the Guru’s Word, these saint soldiers march to a different drummer.

About the authors:

Gurbir Singh – Gurbir Singh, writer and photographer, lives on two continents, making frequent forays to new locals, forever returning to his native Punjab. These last three years have been spent living with Nihang Singhs, photographing their lifestyle and  researching the Valiant Ones.

Gagandeep Kaur – With her background in fashion, travel and literature, Gagandeep Kaur kept the project efficacious and the writing dynamic. She has collaborated with Gurbir Singh in the past. The Valiant Ones is their recent adventure.